Tactical Services

Managing Crisis

No board of directors wants to see the company make the headlines for misadventures and indiscretions. But when it happens, noonanWorks can provide the counsel and intervention you need to contain it. While we stand ready to support you in your time of need, a better use of our crisis communications and training services is to proactively apply them to managing risk and making sure such crises don’t occur in the first place. 

Dealing with Charged Employee Issues

An energetic marketing manager threatens to quit after a fight with her boss. A beloved receptionist is missing too much time because her mother is in a nursing home. The best sales person keeps asking his secretary out on dates. noonanWorks offers knowledgeable and practical advice on how to handle situations like these, and all the other interesting things people sometimes do at work.

Retaining Key Performers

The business cost of high performer turnover is staggering. Retaining your best and brightest is a competitive imperative. noonanWorks works with leaders in creating the kind of business culture that engages high performing people, encouraging them to stay. In the meantime, if you are faced with a painful resignation, noonanWorks can intervene, even at the eleventh hour, to provide a voice of reason and perspective. This approach shows that you are committed and that you care  just what might be needed to encourage that key high performer to stay with your organization.

HR When You Need It

Most of the time, you're on top of things. But there are times of transition  growth, contraction, change  when you could use another pair of hands. Whether it's advice on recruiting or job elimination, communication or training, noonanWorks' HR When You Need It can help. learn more

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