Strategic Services

Designing the Organization

The road to an intelligently designed organization begins with the question, “what do we want our company to become?” Answering this question correctly, especially in times of change  whether through high growth or market contraction  is essential to properly structuring a company for success. noonanWorks guides companies in answering that question and then in crafting a plan that will enable you to improve how you structure jobs, clarify reporting relationships, align departments and other aspects of creating a remarkable organizational structure.

Creating the Right Culture

Every organization has a culture  a set of shared beliefs and behaviors that define it. One question for a CEO is: Have I created the culture, or has it created us?

Creating a culture starts with evoking a shared vision and set of values and moves toward agreement on key business practices. The right culture will help you move from “this is the way we do things around here” to “this is who we are and why we are this way.” Only the second rationale, understood and committed to by all employees, gets you to remarkable. noonanWorks will partner with you to apply a method and meaningful metrics to creating the right culture for your organization.

Succession Planning

Unfortunately, succession planning often winds up being a tactical response, rather than a carefully executed strategy. We live in a volatile world, and providing continuity in key positions helps ensure the ongoing success of an organization in turbulent times. noonanWorks helps you to identify those key positions and develop high potential successors. With a clearly defined strategy in place, succession becomes a normal part of business, rather than a disruptive, distracting event.

HR When You Need It

Sometimes you need the high-level thinking of a seasoned professional: someone who has “seen the movie,” someone who has “been there, done that.” noonanWorks' HR When You Need It service allows you to get the strategic advice you need when you need it. learn more

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