HR When You Need It


You need:

Filled jobs
Motivated employees
Expense control
Lower turnover
Increased productivity


You don't need:

More bureaucracy
Higher costs
Too much process
Lack of urgency


                 To get things done, you need the benefits of an HR organization  without the organization!


Sometimes you need strategic help with:

Higher growth
Business contraction
Leadership change
Ownership change
New product launch
Major client acquisition


And sometimes
you don't:

Steady state growth
Low employee turnover
Well-trained leaders
Stable culture
Clear succession plan
Engaged workforce


Why noonanWorks?

Successful HR solutions are specific, not generic. Each client has unique needs. "Off the shelf" doesn't work, but noonanWorks can clarify the challenges and opportunities facing your business, and then work with you to address them.

With more than 20 years of C-suite experience in complex global organizations, noonanWorks founder Margaretta Noonan brings a commercial approach to her clients' needs. With extensive experience in all HR areas, Margaretta develops solutions that are what you need, when you need it.


We're there when you need us with:

Recruiting advice
Help in building a culture
CEO transition support
Staff communications
Training needs analysis
Job eliminations