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There are moments in every successful executive’s career when he or she needs someone to talk to about the business. And the higher you rise, the harder it is to find the right person. 

Margaretta Noonan has been talking with executives for more than twenty years, offering a professional, confidential setting where they can air grievances, examine assumptions, explore options and make plans. Her ability to provide a sounding board  sometimes to just listen  has been sought again and again.


When you make a move to a new company, you've got a lot at stake. How do you maximize your effectiveness from day one? Transitional coaching for a new role or a new company is tailored to give you just what you need to get a running start.

Succession Planning

Unfortunately, succession planning often winds up being a tactical response, rather than a carefully executed strategy. We live in a volatile world, and providing continuity in key positions helps ensure the ongoing success of an organization in turbulent times. noonanWorks helps you to identify those key positions and develop high potential successors. With a clearly defined strategy in place, succession becomes a normal part of business, rather than a disruptive, distracting event.

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