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Companies differentiate themselves through the talents and energies of the remarkable people they employ, and the efficiency and ingenuity with which they interact. noonanWorks helps organizations attract, engage and retain remarkable people and then configure themselves to become remarkable companies.


Companies in transition  whether growing, contracting, responding to the headwinds or maximizing the tailwinds  need to reexamine their organizational and human capital requirements. Doing this in a proactive, measured way allows organizations to positively influence these forces. Companies with a well-considered talent strategy are more likely to hire the right people, to motivate and reward them for doing the right things, and to retain these remarkable people.

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Most employees’ involvement with the organization happens at the day-to-day, tactical level. An organization that manages these interactions effectively is a company free to focus on its core business.

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Everyone needs someone they can talk to. As they face the many challenges that confront them on a daily basis, executives often need someone who will listen to them. The higher you are in an organization, the better it is for that resource to be an objective voice of insight and experience from outside the company, offering both a fresh perspective and a confidential ear.

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