Reach Remarkable with Margaretta Noonan, a BizChix Podast


BizChix.com is a nest for the multi-passionate entrepreneurs. As the site states, “these are chicks who don’t just take their work seriously, but are focused on learning, growing and excelling in numerous areas.” In this post, we invite you to listen to a podcast between Margaretta Noonan, founder of noonanWorks, and the BizChix CEO and host of the podcast, Natalie Eckdahl.

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Register Now: The Protocol School of Washington Global Education Summit


On July 31, Margaretta Noonan, founder of noonanWorks, will be speaking at the 2014 Global Education Summit in Virginia. This three-day event brings professionals together for a meaningful program of educational tracks, lectures and presentations by recognized industry experts focusing on the most important aspects of global diplomacy.

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Gender Diversity: Is The Global Playing Field Leveling?


Margaretta Noonan, founder of noonanWorks, joined 70 global leaders at the recent Colloquium on Global Diversity convened by GlobeWomen.org. While there, she moderated a panel on “Understanding and Managing Millennial Men Globally,” and in this post, she shares her key takeaways from the panel discussion and other presentations at the event.

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Succession Planning October


For Margaretta Noonan, founder of noonanWorks, October was a month centered around one topic: succession planning. Unfortunately, succession planning often winds up being a tactical response, rather than a carefully executed strategy. It’s a volatile world, and providing continuity in key positions helps ensure the ongoing success of an organization in turbulent times.

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Creating A Succession And Leadership Development Plan


All organizations should have talent strategies in place for things like leadership development and succession planning, no matter their size or budget. In this post, Margaretta Noonan, founder of noonanWorks, shares her experience from a recent workshop event in Rhode Island, where she spoke with professionals from small companies and non-profits on using talent resources to optimize the capacity of their organizations to serve the community.

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Strategic Partner Conference


In her many years of speaking at conferences and events, Margaretta Noonan, founder of noonanWorks, often has an audience comprised of mostly women. However, at her latest speakership, hosted by the Columbus McKinnon Corporation, the audience was more than 90 percent male. No matter the audience, though, her messages about succession planning remain the same.

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